Pae Ora

Pātai Puāwai

Project supervisor: Dr Jeremy Hapeta

Institution: Te Whare Wānanga o Ōtākou

Raumati intern: Hinemoa Watene (Ngāti Whātua, Ngāpuhi, Rongowhakaata)

Project Summary: 

 This project aimed to support wāhine Māori in rugby by understanding their wellbeing needs with the added aim to also safeguard and promote their identities. The systematic review of the literature in this space revealed three key themes:

1) ongoing challenges faced by Māori,

2) the expression of cultural practices and Māori identity in rugby, and

3) the promotion of diversity and inclusion in rugby.

By revealing these themes, the project contributes valuable insights into the barriers that wāhine Māori in rugby have faced as well as those that they continue to encounter, and how we can support their aspirations. The project emphasizes that although rugby has made significant strides in catering to the needs of wāhine Māori, it is critical to recognize that much more work needs to be done in all aspects of life to fully realise their aspirations.

Project output: A journal article has been submitted for publication: Whakamana Te Tuakiri o Ngā Wāhine Toa o te Ao Whutuporo Māori: A literature review

Intern Reflections:

Participating in this Raumati Internship experience has been invaluable, providing opportunities for professional development, personal growth, and research skills. Listening to the projects of fellow interns and esteemed academics in Kaupapa Māori research has been enlightening and awe inspiring. The Raumati space has been particularly beneficial, creating a safe environment for me to express my Māori identity and encouraging me to continuously challenge myself. As a result, I have been motivated to pursue further research in Kaupapa Māori research in sport. Through my NPM experience, I have been given the opportunity to publish an article with ‘Junctures’ journal and present my findings at an upcoming Women in Rugby Aotearoa (WIRA) online symposium. Being part of this journey has been a privilege, and I am excited to see the future of research with our up-and-coming researchers and those who continue to pave the way for us. Hinemoa Watene

Project commenced: