Te Kupenga o MAI (MAI) is a programme is for the enhancement of Māori and indigenous post-graduate students throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. This national network of key sites forms an integral part of NPM's Māori Futures programme.


  • Facilitate transitions across different levels of the tertiary education system.
  • Increase the number of earned research degrees; qualified and skilled researchers; and quality academic teachers and supervisors.
  • Establish and maintain a national network of Māori doctoral students and researchers.
  • Enhance institutional infrastructures to strengthen the capacity for Māori and indigenous development research.
  • Strengthen the capacity of researchers and Māori communities to engage with and learn from one another.
  • Facilitate national and international networking and collaboration.
  • Support the development of career and leadership-related skills.
  • Foster the development of policy formation and policy implementation skills.


  • A support and mentoring programme for individuals through the national MAI network; facilitating the development of research capability and capacity through curriculum links, infrastructure and strategic planning.
  • Courses, seminars, lectures, conferences, retreats and workshops that are specifically designed for pre-doctoral through to post-doctoral levels and beyond.
  • A system of grants and fellowships that ranges through all levels of the programme.
  • Career and leadership training.
  • International study and research opportunities.