This Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga project incorporates most of the secondary schools and wharekura within the Rotorua school zone. From the literature, data gathered, and the matching and discussion of this information; the research team’s aim is that educators, parents and whānau will better understand the nature of teaching, learning and home socialisation patterns that support Māori student success.

Interviews, focus group discussions and surveys involving successful Māori students, their whānau, teachers and principals will enable examination of the multiplicity of factors that support Māori student achievement. The findings will be disseminated widely to offer examples of student, whānau, teaching and school practices that support Māori educational success.

This project builds on a pilot project with a Rotorua secondary school already successfully undertaken by the research team.


Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane (University of Canterbury)

Dr Melinda Webber (University of Auckland)

Hīria McRae  (Victoria University of Wellington)

Dr Candy Cookson Cox (Ua-Cox Consulting Ltd, Rotorua)


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Project commenced:

Research Lead(s) and Team

Angus Macfarlane is Professor of Māori Research at the University of Canterbury. He is an experienced educator and practitioner and has been an advisor and professional development provider for Special Education Services and the Ministry of Education on a number of national projects. His interest is the exploration of cultural concepts and strategies that affect positively on professional practice, on which he published widely.

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