Pae Ora

Pātai Te Ao Māori

Indigenous people will be more severely affected by global climate change than other populations. Despite  increasing awareness of these inequities, national and global responses to climate change often fail to address issues of specific concern to Indigenous peoples and tend to overlook the potential contribution of Indigenous knowledges. Indigenous peoples’ knowledges are based on holistic and interdependent understandings of the environment and have the potential to inform action towards climate transformation.

The aim of this research is to provide understanding on how  mātauranga Māori (referred to hereafter as mātauranga), as an Indigenous knowledge system, can transform climate health outcomes. We will conduct a literature review to identify opportunities and challenges for including mātauranga to support climate health. Key informant interviews will take place with up to 10 participants with experience in relevant initiatives to explore their experiences, reflections and aspirations. The findings will help to develop understandings of how mātauranga can inform climate health action, which can provide valuable insights to support Indigenous-centred climate change mitigation and adaptation in Aotearoa. This will enable the ongoing work of Climate Health Aotearoa (CHA), a multi-Institutional research group, in the development and implementation of collaborative research with tangata whenua into climate health recovery. 

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Research Lead(s) and Team

Te Rarawa Ngāi te Rangi Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau
Community Psychology Graduate Programme Convenor, Lecturer

Bridgette's research speciality is in the area of indigenous evaluation research. She has lead, been a team member, and/or supervised evaluations in the general area of indigenous social well-being.

Project research areas include: family violence; intimate partner relationships; women’s and children’s health; tobacco, alcohol, drug, use and reduction; positive learning environments (primary, secondary and tertiary institutions); cultural competency and evaluation training.

She has worked with different types of agencies from: Private, Public and not-for-Profit sectors.