Read --> A situation report from Dr Vanessa Lee (Yupungathi and Meriam Nation) of the University of Sydney raising concern about the increased police presence within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities during the COVID19 crisis.


Associate Professor Krushil Watene (Ngāti Manu, Te Hikutu, Ngāti Whātua o Orākei, Tonga) specialises in moral and political philosophies of well-being, development, and justice with a particular focus on indigenous philosophies. In her piece in "The Conversation", Krushil reflects on the fact that "our well-being is intimately connected to other people and our natural environment". Maori and Indigenous peoples around the globe have long known this. Once beyond our present constraints "...we can’t afford to stop caring about collective well-being.

WATCH --> Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki being interviewed by NPM Board member Scotty Morrison of Te Karere. Waikaremoana discusses why the resources prepared to provide support during COVID-19 Aotearoa/New Zealand State of Emergency do not hit the mark for Māori.

WATCH--> Dr Rebecca Wirihana talking about the process of 'containment' in healing during COVID-19 Alert level 4 Aotearoa/New Zealand State of Emergency. Rebecca is a Māori Clinical Psychologist currently based at the Northland District Health Board working in the Community Māori Mental Health Service.

Read --> a situation report from the Amerindian Support Network at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. The Amerindian Network connects with eight Mbya Guarani Tekoa and organize to broaden understanding of the different life contexts of indigenous communities both in and outside of Brazil, their struggle for human and civil rights, especially involving issues concerning land demarcation, differentiated education and health.  Faced with the crisis of COVID-19, this report summarises selected news items regarding the situation of different communities and indigenous peoples in Brazil. At the end of this piece, some critical challenges based on ongoing conversations with the Mbya Guarani people are summarised.

Photo credit: Danilo Silva Guimarães & Rafaela Waddington Achatz. Students outside the House of Indigenous Peoples, University of São Paulo