Online Digital Māori Language Portal Launched

Tomokanga Rauemi Reo Māori, is a new online digital Māori language portal which was developed out of Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga's Te Whare Matihiko o Te Reo Māori Foundational Research Project led by Professor Tania Ka'ai, the late Professor John Moorfield (Te Murumāra) and the team at Te Ipukarea Research Institute.

The portal was created to give language learners a primary place to connect to Māori language resources that are available online.

Tomokanga Rauemi operates similar to a library catalogue with both basic and advanced search functions. It has the capacity to bring up search results of pages that relate to Māori language groups, courses and resources.

Each page is tagged with several key words - and the typical user will be anyone searching for support during their Māori language journey, as well as researchers.

Types of pages include university courses, websites, coffee groups, Facebook groups, blogs, YouTube channels, immersion childcare, or any social media page where te reo Māori is the dominant feature.

Only accessible print resources are included to ensure that the portal is kept relevant and contemporary, and it will provide a much-needed e-repository to disseminate critical material often created or produced by Māori language speakers which can empower other learners of the Māori language contributing to the preservation and survival of the language.

Through the original NPM project, researchers were able to gather over 1000 different types of resources to support the learning, teaching, and maintenance of te reo Māori.

Link to Tomokanga Rauemi Reo Māori here
Link to Te Whare Matihiko o Te Reo Māori Project here