NPM's New QEII Intern

Over the past four years NPM has hosted a number of First Nations interns from the University of Toronto, as part of the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships. This programme aims to mobilise a dynamic community of young global leaders to create lasting impacts both at home and abroad through inter-cultural exchanges.

In mid-April we welcomed Claire Zwicker (Chippewa) into NPM as one of our 2019 QEII Interns.

Claire is a Masters of Education student from the University of Toronto with the Department of Social Justice. Her research involves the revitalisation, resurgence, and reclamation of Indigenous languages, knowledge, and practices in educational settings, and how this benefits Indigenous students' wellbeing, identity, and success.

During her time with NPM Claire will be engaging in a number of different research areas, including collaboration on a project around the wellbeing benefits of Kapa Haka at the individual, local, and national level.

In May, our second 2019 QEII Intern Sammy Wong will be arriving at NPM to commence his internship.