Māori Knowledge Honoured

Last year, Te Tira Whakamātaki - the National Māori Biosecurity Network - was awarded a scoping grant by NPM. This new Māori network has been established to bring together iwi and hapū who are involved in protecting our biological resources from biosecurity risks and threats.

The scoping project is focused on questioning; “do hapū and iwi views and practices provide an alternative paradigm to Aotearoa New Zealand’s biosecurity system to better protect our taonga species?”

Last week, in a ceremony at Parliament hosted by the Ministry for Primary Industries, Te Tira Whakamātaki was honoured with a top prize in the New Zealand Biosecurity Awards 2017, receiving the inaugural Māori Award.   

The group's name translates as 'the Watchful Ones' and it is having a considerable impact in providing information to iwi throughout the country about biosecurity risks such as myrtle rust, kauri dieback, and the cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis.  

NPM’s Co-Director’s congratulate the Network, especially principal investigator Dr Amanda Black from Lincoln University for this outstanding recognition for a research project that is making a real difference in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Te Tira Whakamātaki - Māori Biosecurity: Protecting our taonga for future generations