Latest issue of ALTERNATIVE

The latest issue of AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples is now available.

AlterNative Volume 5, Number 1 is a general issue and includes 8 articles on different indigenous themes from around the world. Many papers in the issue address naming, as it relates to place, distinctiveness, meaning and interpretation. The articles are united by issues of indigenous identity and social justice. They cover diverse topics, such as place names in King Island Alaska, Māori responses to coroner legislation, Aboriginal education in Canada, and the difficulties of literary translation across different cultures, using Assamese as an example. Also discussed is the resurgence in Alutiiq mask carving on Kodiak Island, the integration of Māori Indigenous and Western knowledge in flax weaving, how Dakota lifeways can contribute to community adaptation, and tālanga as a Tongan mode of interpretation. All of the articles suggest ways of reframing indigenous experience, showing sensitivity to issues of cultural mistranslation and misreading.

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