Knowledge in Indigenous Networks 7-17 April Webinar Series

The KIN network (Knowledge in Indigenous Networks) is hosting a series of webinars everyday through the 7th-17th April 2020. Featured speakers include Prof Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Dr Michael Yellowbird, Dr Ganesh Nana, Dr Bonnie Duran, Rereata Makiha, Dr Mariaelana Huambachano...and more. 

The purpose of this webinar speaker series is to facilitate online space to hear Indigenous speakers as a way to access the tools and mātauranga (Māori knowledge and ways of knowing) to strengthen our response and methods for connection during this particular time of uncertainty with emergence of the COVID-19 virus. It’s an opportunity for us as an Indigenous global community to reflect on questions arising within our networks of family, community and colleagues.

One of the core principles at the heart of KIN is manaakitanga, an ethic of care that has been an invaluable resource for us during the uncertain environment of doctoral study and we wanted to extend this ethic to our wider online community. We hope this webinar provides a place for sense-making and generative dialogue amidst an environment where people around the world are questioning “What kind of changes are taking place?” “Will these changes have lasting impacts?” “What might change for me and my loved ones?” []

The KIN network is a network of Indigenous doctoral students and academics worldwide.  The network is facilitated by a collective based at the University of Auckland and the Auckland University of Technology.